From our first conversation with you, the aim is to create and deliver a solution that will create a long-term high performance and reliable supply of power regardless of where your business is located. Using the best components and technology solutions for the job at hand.

Engineering and Procurement

Providing consulting, engineering, and project management services for renewable energy power generation projects. Specialist in the design and delivery of Battery Energy Storage Systems.


Provide initial free of charge high-level consultation on the business case for the introduction of renewable energy and/or Energy storage.

  • system sizing optimization versus budget
  • simulation and performance metrics including battery life expectancy calculation according to operational requirements
  • Financial Modelling; NPV, ROI, LCOE, Cashflow
  • PVSys, PVSol Tools


System design services

  • Single line diagrams
  • wiring diagrams
  • Functional specifications
  • Operation and maintenance documentation
  • Software configuration (PLCs, Inverters, communications, Energy Management Systems


Equipment procurement and delivery

  • Battery technology tailored to application requirements
  • Containerized Battery System with DC cabling and protection [DC Scope]
  • Containerized Battery System including Battery Management System (BMS) and Battery Charger/Inverter [AC Scope]
  • Battery Chargers / Inverters 3ph from 20kW to 1800kW – Made in Germany
  • EMS – Energy Management System
  • BMS – Battery Management System

Design and supply of renewable energy systems for ON-GRID and OFF-GRID (Remote Area Power Supply – RAPS) applications for commercial or large residential clients. Specialist expertise in the delivery and integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for:

  • Solar PV (maximize self-consumption – reduce grid export – increase solar production output – reduce peak demand charges [peak shaving]) 
  • Wind Turbine Generators (smoothing, meet grid codes regarding HVRT, LVRT, ZVRT)
  • Grid stabilization (Load leveling for generation utilization, Spinning reserve in case of line loss, Frequency regulation)

Business 2 Business (B2B): supplying products and services and developing close working partnerships with other Solar companies and EPCs to deliver complete renewable project solutions leveraging each other’s skill-sets and experience.

Business 2 Business (B2B) – deliver complete renewable solutions (turnkey) to commercial end clients in consortium with our experienced local partners.